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Thanks to our Ntech Energy portal service, with the user name and password defined for your administration, you may conduct the following;

  • You may quickly establish your reading requests.

  • You may establish your service requests and follow up their conclusions.

  • You may at any instant examine your expense sharing results and with our portal archiving system, you may easily reach all of your historic sharing.

  • You may reach your contract and examine its details

  • If you are making use of cargo service for your expense sharing, with a single click, you may direct your sharing

  • You may see your debit balance

In order to provide you service with high technology and best conditions available as of today, we are working on all cylinders!

Who are we?

Ntech Energy company is the only authorized sales, maintenance and service distributor of Techem company which is the World leader in this sector. On the date of February 1st 2020, our Ntech Energy Services company has acquired Techem Turkiye company which operated since the year of 2006. Moreover, starting from the date of January 1st 2021, our company has transferred Alarko heat expense sharing service, of which it was a solution partner, into Ntech Energy Services and this operation will from now on be conducted under our brand. At the same time Ntech Energy provides the products of sector-leader German Techem company to Alarko Carrier, and provided measurement and apportioning services. (Please do not take into consideration other companies that use the Techem and Alarko names)

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Products and Services

Quality firstly requires accumulation of knowledge, in other words experience, and afterwards, it requires closely follow up of recent technology coupled with a team and infrastructure that will correctly implement this technology. Ntech Energy has built its quality on top of all these building blocks. In its sector, our company has established itself with several products and service understanding.


Water Meter

Techem company, which takes smooth, economic and equal distribution of water consumption in projects as basis, always targets to provide the most accurate and durable solution to its business partners by using its cutting-edge technology products.

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Heat Cost Allocator

In those residences that are heated with a central system, by assembling heat cost allocators on each of the radiator, the individual consumption values are recorded. In this way, it can be possible to allocate costs according to actual consumption values of the apartments.

Reading Reporting Services

In order to ensure that the users pay as much as they consume, the consumptions of heating, cooling or water counters at the residences are calculated and distributed according to spending on the main cost elements.


Heat Flow Meter “Calorimeter”

These are devices that calculate the heat consumption of each apartment in systems with collectors (mobile systems). For that purpose, with the help of a propeller, they measure the entrance temperature, return temperature and the flow.

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Ntech customer portal is at your service.

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MERKEZ OFİS İSTANBUL : Gülbahar Mahallesi, Avni Dilligil Sk. Çelik İş Merkezi, No:11/A,Kat:1,D:5, 34387 Mecidiyeköy, Şişli / İstanbul

ANKARA OFİS: Wia Twins Is Merkezi Söğüt Özü Mahallesi 2177. Sokak 10-B Blok Kat :20 Daire 135/136 Çankaya/ Ankara

+90 212 447 07 47
+90 212 447 07 48

+90 533 309 37 06

Gönderdiğiniz için teşekkür ederiz!

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