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Consumption Management

Thanks to Techem consumption management, you can step by step analyze the energy consumption of your compound or your building, and you can compare it with the other buildings. You can plan the investments that you are required to make for saving energy or for reducing your consumption.

- Detailed analysis of gas consumption

- Reduction in energy consumption

- Recommendation on efficient energy use and cost reduction

- Reduction in the complaints of the apartment residents – apartment residents who are happy with the economical setting

Techem Water Management System

​Techem Water Management System is a wide-ranging solution package aimed at municipalities and water administrations.

Services offered by the solution package;

- Effective management of the process of delivery of water from the source to the end-user

- Counter selection with products that incorporate cutting edge technology

- Arrangement of subscriber database

- Remote reading of water counters (radio frequency system)

- Monitoring of losses/leakages in the grids and taking these under control

The issues aimed by Techem Water Management System are as follows;

- By making use of the technology, reduction of the costs of the administration

- Making use of the advantages of a system that functions smoothly, in harmony with the technology, reliable and has proved itself

- Continuous monitoring of the whole water system and keeping it under control

- Protection of water reserves by reducing the leakages and losses

One of the biggest advantages of Techem Water Management System is its ease of set up and implementation. Thanks to low set up and product costs, it is an investment that amortizes itself within a very short period of time.

In set up of the system, there is no need for wireless tower, cable line or any other similar infrastructure installation.

Because once the radio frequency water counter is connected to any installment, using the Techem hand computer the reader, without going into the apartments, on street can collect consumption values of the subscribers.

Techem radio frequency reading system which provides flawless and remote reading without human intervention, provides important advantages with this property. Techem Water Management System which reduces the waste/leaked water ratios while improving the accrual amount via increasing the service quality, provides right project and definite solutions with the right products.

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