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Ntech Energy company is the only authorized sales, maintenance and service distributor of Techem company which is the World leader in this sector. On the date of February 1st 2020, our Ntech Energy Services company has acquired Techem Turkiye company which operated since the year of 2006. Moreover, starting from the date of January 1st 2021, our company has transferred Alarko heat expense sharing service, of which it was a solution partner, into Ntech Energy Services and this operation will from now on be conducted under our brand. At the same time Ntech Energy provides the products of sector-leader German Techem company to Alarko Carrier, and provided measurement and apportioning services. (Please do not take into consideration other companies that use the Techem and Alarko names)

German Giant Techem;​

  • It is the company which introduced the first water counter to the market in the year of 1979

  • It is the first company which provided identification and expense sharing service in heat consumption.

  • It is the company which invented “Heat Cost Allocator” which has a current usage rate that reaches 500 million.

  • It is the company which, in the year of 1996, produced and introduced “Techem Wireless System” of remote reading water and heat counters. With its quality and method of use, this wireless system has become the first choice of the sector and the consumers.

  • With the value it has attributed to working principles since the date of its establishment and with its professional attitude, in the last two years, it has managed to bring its error margin to zero, which was at a level of only 0.0001 until then.


Our Vision

With the knowhow we own, by manufacturing products that are in harmony with the developing technology of the era, giving direction to the sector, providing accurate and high-quality service or the needs of our solution partners constitute our primary target.


  • Security

Ntech Energy provides comprehensive, easily manageable and integrated security solutions for all of the living areas within society.

  • Partnership

As Ntech Energy, our priority is to act with the principles of fairness and honesty at all stages of our projects with our business partners.

  • Continuity

The first condition for continuity is to create long lasting and continuous solution production with an always innovative and creative approach, while preserving quality.

  • Quality

Quality firstly requires accumulation of knowledge, in other words experience, and afterwards, it requires closely follow up of recent technology coupled with a team and infrastructure that will correctly implement this technology.

Ntech Energy has built its quality on top of all these building blocks. In its sector, our company has established itself with several products and service understanding.

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