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Frequently Asked Questions

Counter Reading

  • What does mobile data collection mean?

It means electronic reading of the consumption values to be collected from all electronic data collection devices such as heat flow meters or heat cost allocators, with use of a mobile computer, without generating any receipt.

While mobile data collection system which, with the use of new generation technology, provides many conveniences and which operates in harmony with several product types, the traditional counter reading method is used only in heat cost allocators that work based on vaporization principle.

  • How secure is collection of counter data on mobile computers?

By use of a fully automatic system, the transfer of consumption values from the counters to the hand computers removes the possibility of erroneous reading, and it enables secure recording, invoicing and storage of data. Compared to traditional counter reading, it is more precise, more accurate and much faster. It also helps avoiding possible sources of error as well. All of the values that are read on the counter can be seen on the invoice, in detail and can be controlled. When requested, at the time of counter reading, the values can be noted.

  • For the reading of the counter, is it required to enter the house? 

Depending on the type and the technology of the data collection devices used at homes, the work system of the staff will change. In local counter reading operation, the values will directly be read from the device. For this reason, it is required that the reading staff enters the house.

The date on which the reading will take place will be notified to the home owners in a timely manner.

On the other hand, in central counter reading system, thanks to wireless technology, all the values of the apartments will be read from a central location of the related building. There is no need for the staff to enter the houses.

  • What should I do if I will not be available at home on the date of counter reading as notified to me?

The notified date of counter reading is valid for all the residents of the building. Because it is important to read all the counters in a building on the same day. If on that date you will not be at home, in order to make reading of your counter possible, please give your keys to somebody (neighbors, building staff, doorman) who can assist the staff and ensure that your counter is read.

If the reading staff cannot find you at home on the date of reading, with an application card, you will be provided a second free of charge reading rendezvous. If reading can not take place on that date as well, for the third attempt of counter reading, you will be charged a fee.

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