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Isı Sayacı (Kalorimetre): Hizmetler

Heat Flow Meter

Heat flow meters are the devices that calculate the heat consumption of each apartment in systems with collectors (mobile systems). For that purpose, with the help of a propeller, they measure the entrance temperature, return temperature and the flow. The special capsule system used provides ease of installation at assembly stage, and in the event of a malfunction, it enables changes of parts easily.

European leader Techem which has the qualification of being the first company that provided identification and expense sharing service in heat consumption, shares its experience in the field of heat flow meters with its business partners.


Cooling Counters

Techem which, thanks to its product characteristics, provides the possibility of simultaneous practical and definite solutions in several fields, with its compact counter technology provides solutions to be used in cooling lines as well.

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Radio Frequency Ultrasonic Heat Flow Meters


4.5.1 Type Radio Frequency Heat Flow Meters

Radio Frequency Compact V Heat Flow Meters


4.1.1 Type Radio Frequency Heat Flow Meters

Isı Sayacı (Kalorimetre): Ürünler
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