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Heat Cost Allocator

Superfine heat cost allocators of Techem company in which it reflects its manufacturing experience are the devices that record the consumption amount according to heating power of the radiators.

In those residences that are heated with a central system, by assembling heat cost allocators on each of the radiators, the individual consumption values are recorded. In this way, it can be possible to allocate costs according to actual consumption values of the apartments.

The devices are programmed according to heating power of the radiators on which they are assembled. The heat cost allocators that are made operational deliver the consumption values to the reader remotely via a radio frequency system.

Ntech Energy which has the qualification of being the sole distributor of German giant Techem in Turkey, is authorized with accurate establishment and running of the project and the system.

Legal Infrastructure of Heat Cost Allocator System

In accordance with the regulations of the European Union, the Energy Efficiency Law which also incorporates the regulations related with the heat cost allocator system use was discussed and went into force on the date of April 18th 2007, at the general assembly of Grand National Assembly of Turkey.

With this law, the use of heat cost allocation system in those new buildings with central heating system became mandatory. Accordingly, at the end of a five-years transition period, old or new all buildings with central heating system are required get to this system and projects that are prepared in violation of this requirement will not be approved.

Furthermore, within the context of “Energy Efficiency Law”, the paragraph 4 and paragraph 5 of item 42 of Law of Property Ownership are amended and for transition from central system to individual system, in a poll conducted per request of one of the owners of the residences, obtaining of the majority of the number of residence owners or land share owners vote on that direction became sufficient. In those buildings having the total construction area of more than 2,000 m2, for transition of central system to individual system, anonymous voting of owners of residences and land share owners will be required.

Within that framework, in parallel to European Union practices, an important restriction was brought to the use of individual heating systems (combi boilers and a like).


Heat Cost Allocator User Manual

Technical Information Catalogue for Heat Cost Allocator

Heat Cost Allocator Catalogue

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