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Reading Reporting Service

The main mission of Techem is more efficient use of energy and water resources and creation of solutions for taking the consumption under control.

In order to ensure that users pay as much as they consume, by calculating the consumptions of heating, cooling or water counters in the residences, the expenses are allocated according to the spending on the main cost elements. The target of Techem is to achieve always very satisfied apartment owners thanks to easy, fair and transparent expense notification.

Ntech Energy Expense Notification Services

Authorized Measurement Company Techem; In those centrally heated buildings, according to the use of heat cost allocator, the usage value of each of the apartments is calculated. At the end of the period, the values read will be transferred to a detailed print out and under the name of individual heat expense, it will be delivered to the users.

With the decision of the apartment administration, the expenses other than the heating expense of the building may also be incorporated into the expense notification. These other expenses may be allocated according to m2 or equally among all the apartments.

Techem which makes life easier with the technological products that it uses, new generation measurement and reporting system, provides the administrators and the apartment residents the possibility of examining all fees or heat consumptions over a single document.

Our Remote Reading System
​Thanks to cutting-edge technology wireless measurement devices of Techem which allows remote reading, there will no hassles with installation and cabling, there will be no hassles as “we could not find you at home” or “we could not read”, there will be no hassles associated with devices located in closed areas and unreachable. As the reading processes will fully be automatic, there will be no errors sourced out of the readers. It is possible to determine the make loss/leakage ratio. In other words, undisrupted service!

​Techem Radio Frequency (RF) System

Techem Radio Frequency System (RF) which has proved its quality and effectiveness worldwide since a period that exceed 10 years and which provides great advantages has created a breakthrough progress in counter reading operations.

Within time, it is eliminated from all of its discrepancies and today, it serves as a reliable system that functions with “zero error”.

Thanks to Techem Radio Frequency remote reading system, it is possible to provide much less problematic, effective and fast service. In addition to that, the historic consumption values that can be obtained from the memory of the counters may be provided to the attention of the users whenever requested.

In addition to all these usage advantages, as Techem Radio Frequency System works very silently, it can be used at apartments very comfortably as well.

Currently, around the world, there are more than 19 million Techem Radio Frequency heat and water counters are making measurements.

Functioning of the System;

Techem has the position of world-leader on the subject of installed and actively used radio frequency measurement devices. Hundreds of thousands of users of the system constitute the most beautify evidence for accurate and correct functioning of radio frequency system. In addition to providing savings, the radio frequency system also makes all operations easier.

As all of the components of the system work in harmony with each other, it is possible to obtain errorless and reliable readings. All counters are being read over a single system and in this way, all of the services are provided from a single source.

The cold and hot water consumptions are being measured by water counters with radio frequency modules. Cooling line counters make measurements, heat flow meters conduct measurements, heat cost allocators conduct measurements. The consumption values of all of the counters in the building are read collectively by an authorized reader. Once the process Is completed, the incoming data is submitted to the authorized person as a single document.

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