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Water Meter

Techem water counters are dry type water counters which are manufactured with high-end technology, durable and capable of making accurate measurement. By assembling a radio frequency module on top of the water counters, it is possible to incorporate them into the expense sharing system. At the same time, it is possible to use them without radio frequency module, as standard mechanical water counters.


By assembling a removable radio frequency module on top of the counters, it becomes possible to read the index values of the water counter remotely. In addition to that, these devices detect the interventions on the counters, reverse reading of the counter and interventions on the radio frequency module and they inform the readers about such instances.

Techem company, which takes smooth, economic and equal distribution of water consumption in projects as basis, always targets to provide the most accurate and durable solution to its business partners by using its cutting-edge technology products.

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